The mining industry operates in an increasingly competitive and capital intensive industry, where profit margins are slim. As technology advances and more productive equipment is brought in, a solid maintenance program is required to improve reliability and secure a maximized return on investments.

Maintenance costs are generally higher in the mining industry than in many other industries. Until recently, reactive maintenance was the predominant strategy in mining. However, in consequence of equipment failures and catastrophic breakdowns causing large production losses and rising maintenance costs, the industry has modernized its maintenance practices.

Tough terrain and difficult operating conditions are trademarks of the mining industry. Mining machinery faces challenges like heavy loads, debris, wide variances in rotational speeds and severe misalignment. The mere size of the equipment and factors like spare part delivery time has made condition monitoring increasingly important to predict breakdowns.

Typical applications in open pit mining are excavator gearboxes, conveyors and crushers, where very slow rotational speed and load variations make condition monitoring complicated.

In underground mining, applications like elevators and lifting devices typically benefit from condition monitoring. Fans that are critical for ventilation and pumps keeping control of water levels and support for drilling are other areas of application.

The mining industry is a heavy industry where condition monitoring equipment must survive mechanical and environmental forces. The SPM product range includes portable instruments, online systems and accessories specifically suited for shock pulse monitoring of rotating machinery and vibration monitoring equipment for detecting misalignment, gear problems, balancing problems etc. On slowly rotating machinery, the SPM HD® measuring technique can be used with benefit. SPM HD uses RPM based sampling frequency and algorithmic correlation techniques to ensure the highest possible signal quality and razor sharp spectrums for analysis.

We also offer ATEX-compliant equipment for use in potentially explosive atmosphere.

Among our mining references are Rio Tinto, Codelco, Matrai Eremü, Alcoa, LKAB, Boliden and Nordkalk. OEM suppliers using SPM condition monitoring equipment are for instance ABV Rock Group, Atlas Copco and Metso Minerals.