Intellinova Compact Ex er et online tilstandskontroll system med høy ytelse for sikker måling på posisjoner i eksplosjonsfarlige områder.

Tilstandskontroll i sone 0 - 1 - 2

Intended for mounting in Ex zone 2, the Intellinova Compact Ex system is complete with power supply, cable glands, and sensor inputs with Ex interfaces for transducers located in zones 0, 1 or 2. Industries such as oil and gas, offshore, petrochemical and sugar plants are a few examples where Intellinova Compact Ex is the ideal condition monitoring solution. Pumps, fans, gearboxes, and winches are typical applications.

Maksimum fleksibilitet med vibrasjonsanalyse og SPM HD

Intellinova Compact Ex offers the strongest combination of measuring techniques available. Vibration measurement (DC - 40 kHz) with HD Order Tracking and sophisticated analysis, and the SPM HD technique for condition monitoring of rolling element bearing in the 0.1 - 20 000 RPM range provides maximum flexibility for detection of machine problems.

Tilstandskontroll på den intelligente måten

The system is available in four versions, each with a fixed channel configuration for shock pulse and/or vibration measurement. All versions come with multiple rpm and analog inputs as well as status outputs. Using the IntelliLogic functions, these hardware features can be taken full advantage of. Having the capability to accept process data and evaluate the running condition based on that information and on measurement data, the Intellinova units are well suited for monitoring machinery with complex operating procedures.

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