Intellinova® Parallel EN is a high-performance online system, perfectly suited for condition monitoring of industrial equipment with high availability demands.

Supreme condition monitoring efficiency

Intellinova Parallel EN continuously monitors your critical equipment, capturing relevant events without delay. Sixteen synchrononus channels for vibration and/or shock pulse measurement with the DuoTech accelerometer, and eight RPM channels can be used for data acquisition on machinery with complex drives, even under variable operating conditions.

The system tracks and manages changes in process and operating conditions, providing a reliable snapshot of equipment condition for entire machines. Measurement assignments can be set up to trigger individual channels or multiple system units in parallel and synchronously. The Condmaster diagnostic and analysis software offers user-defined filter settings, live spectrums and live views of the state of all connected devices.

Areas of application

With parallel and synchronous condition measurement on up to sixteen channels, Intellinova Parallel EN is a perfect fit where measurement is time-critical due to short process cycles, e.g. rolling mills, railcar dumpers, press nips, winders, or lifting and hoisting equipment such as cranes or drop sections.

Implementing HD condition monitoring technologies, the system is the ideal choice for gearboxes - including planetary gears - and low speed applications (from below 0.1 RPM) such as agitators, crushers or conveyors. It is also suitable for more straightforward applications like motors, pumps and fans.

Intellinova Parallel EN can be run alongside its siblings in the Intellinova family of online systems in an integrated system, or as stand-alone units.

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