Condition monitoring with High Definition (HD) technologies provides extremely long pre-warning times, thus maximizing the planning horizon for maintenance and repairs. This in turn enables fully utilizing asset life, cutting repair costs and minimizing the consequences of unplanned downtime.

The types of mechanical faults which can occur on a given machine are well known to maintenance personnel. What is needed is a straightforward message that a fault is developing, and an indication of its severity. If the expected machine fault is defined, you can easily pick the monitoring method which will provide the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable result.

Our HD technologies are based on unique and patented measuring techniques, providing extraordinary opportunities to plan maintenance and ensure production.


With HD ENV, advance warning of deteriorating equipment condition can be provided as early as Stage 1, covering the entire damage process (from crack initiation to loose parts and spalling).

Benefits of our HD technologies:

  • Follow the damage throughout its entire development - get extremely long pre-warning times
  • Preventive maintenance with maximized planning horizon
  • Identify gear and bearing damages using exceptionally clear spectrums and time signals

High Definition Enveloping technique - HD ENV
- a new era in vibration monitoring

The new and patented HD ENV® technique is a transition in technology to a new era in vibration monitoring. Capable of detecting at a very early stage such machine problems which are generally difficult to find in good time with non-enveloping techniques - for example gear and bearing damages - the method utilizes cleverly engineered algorithms for digital signal processing to obtain optimal data for trending purposes. HD ENV can be used to monitor applications in a very broad RPM range. The technique can be used with existing vibration transducer installations and thus quickly and easily integrates into existing industrial infrastructures.


High Definition Shock Pulse Method - SPM HD
- shock pulse monitoring in a very broad RPM range

The much acclaimed SPM HD® shock pulse measurement technology is a patented further development of the Shock Pulse Method (SPM) providing reliable information on the lubrication and mechanical condition of bearings. Instant evaluation of bearing condition is given in an easily understood green-yellow-red color scheme. Advanced digital technique and RPM-based sampling frequency makes SPM HD suited for measurement in a very broad RPM range, even on ultra low speed applications (0.1 - 20 000 RPM range).


High Definition Order Tracking 
- handling fluctuating RPM

With HD Order Tracking, data acquisition is adapted to the current RPM in order to produce crisp and clear spectrums - regardless of RPM fluctuations. HD Order Tracking is approximately ten times better than traditional order tracking algorithms when RPM is not perfectly stable.


Superior combination of HD technologies
- the best of two worlds

There is no need to choose only one measuring technique. The DuoTech® accelerometer joins the best of these cutting-edge monitoring technologies. The combination of the patented HD ENV and SPM HD measuring techniques provides maximum flexibility, enabling superior lubrication and bearing monitoring - covering the entire bearing deterioration process – as well as detection of vibration related problems.