The tachometer and temperature probe is used for optical (laser light beam) or contact measurement of the rate of rotation and for contact measurement of peripheral speed. It also has a built-in temperature sensor for measurements up to +300 °C.

Optical measurement of rotation rate
A laser light beam is directed against a reflecting tape on the rotating object from a distance of 30-2000 mm.

Contact measurement of rpm
A contact adapter with a rubber tipped contact center is attached onto the probe and then held against the center of a shaft end or a wheel.

Contact measurement of peripheral speed
A contact adapter with contact wheel is held against the circumference of a shaft, a belt, etc. The speed is read out in units, depending on which contact wheel is used.

Temperature measurement
The tachometer and temperature probe is also used together with Leonova Diamond/Emerald for temperature measurements with a thermopile element in the range –20 to +300 °C.