SPM transducers

Shock pulse transducers are used in all permanent SPM installations for bearing monitoring. The quick connector form a bayonet connection between the handheld instrument and the permanent installation.

Vibration transducers

SOLID transducers and transmitters are designed to withstand the rigors of industrial environments. Learn more about the SOLID series of vibration transducers.

Tachometer and temperature probe

The tachometer and temperature probe is used for optical (laser light beam) or contact measurement of the rate of rotation and for contact measurement of peripheral speed. It also has a built-in temperature sensor for measurements up to +300 C.

Headsets and headphones

Headsets and headphones for auditive feedback and recording of voice comments are available. Choose between headphones/headset with headband, neckband or with helmet brackets.


Other accessories available are USB communication cable, stroboscope cable, magnetic stand and tachometer probe holder for balancing, LineLazer Alignment Kit (Leonova Diamond only), batteries, etc.