To obtain the optimal performance range and instrument price, Leonova users can select between two alternatives of sale, unlimited and limited use. Unlimited and limited functions can be combined at will. Platform functions are always included and their use is unlimited.

Pay for performance

When use is limited, the price for the function itself is much lower. Instead, the user prepays a tankful of 'credits'. Leonova automatically deducts credits from the tank when its 'Measure' key is pressed. Thus, the user's operating costs depend on the number of measurements taken. Leonova Diamond keeps count, giving two warnings before the tank is low, then switches to reserve. Credit tanks are refilled, and/or new functions added, by loading a coded file ordered via the local distributor.

The purchase of “measuring credits” instead of unlimited use turns most of the investment into operating costs.

Leonova Diamond instrument modules

PLATFORM always included for unlimited use

• Balancing, SPM HDm/HDc and/or LR/HR
• Supports 2 channel simultaneous vibration
• Supports up to 12800 lines, 20 kHz
• RMS vibration, ISO 2372
• Speed measurement
• Temperature measurement
• Stethoscope function
• Analog signals, current and voltage
• Reading from and writing to CondID® memory tags
• Simultaneous recording for up to 50 hours
• Check points, free text
• Recording of vocal comments


Functions for Unlimited or Limited Use

Unlimited and limited functions can be combined at will.

• SPM HD Expert, time and freqency domain analysis
• Shock pulse method HDm/HDc
• Shock pulse method dBm/dBc
• Shock pulse method LR/HR
• SPM Spectrum
• Vibration ISO 10816 with spectrum
• Orbit analysis / Shaft centerline plot
• 3 channel simultaneous vibration
• Vibration Expert
     EVAM evaluated vibration analysis
     25600 lines, 40 kHz
     HD Order Tracking
     Time signal
     Post trigger
     Run up / Coast down, Bump test and Frequency Response Function (FRF)
• Vibration Advanced
     EVAM evaluated vibration analysis
     12800 lines, 20 kHz
     FFT with symptoms
     Time signal
     HD Order Tracking 
     Post trigger
• Balancing, single and dual plane
• Shaft alignment