Condmaster® is a comprehensive analysis, diagnostics and troubleshooting software communicating with all SPM portable instruments and Ethernet compatible online systems for continuous condition monitoring.

Addressing the growing need for interoperability and real-time data integration in the Industry 4.0 age, Condmaster Ruby offers options that simplify the exchange of data with automation assets, IIoT devices, and control systems in smart manufacturing.

Connectivity for the smart factory

A new REST API (Application Programming Interface) is an easy to implement, Industry 4.0-friendly feature enabling other resources to access Condmaster data for further processing or analysis. In an upcoming revision, OPC UA will also be supported to further expand interoperability.

High-efficiency data handling

Numerous database optimizations and extended parallel computing enables faster execution of processes and calculations, thus supporting Big Data analytics. In many cases, users will experience performance speedups of up to ten times, such as in machine fault symptoms calculations and backups.

Monitor and optimize industrial processes

Beyond traditional condition monitoring using vibration and shock pulse data, Condmaster Ruby has the capacity to handle process-related data, which can be presented in customer-specific dashboards – in Condmaster or other systems – to monitor and optimize industrial processes.

Save time with Machine Builder 

The powerful and time-saving Machine Builder lets the user drag-and-drop components such as electric motors, gearboxes, fans, and pumps, from a built-in library to quickly create machines and complete applications. Condmaster automatically generates measuring points as well as the appropriate measurement assignment settings and mechanical fault symptoms to monitor.

Condmaster also creates color zones automatically, and users can save components and machines created with Machine Builder in a template library for reuse.


In-depth KPI follow-up with Plant Performer

Plant Performer

The statistics module has undergone extensive further development and now offers more statistics in various levels of detail. The module is very effective for demonstrating the benefits of condition monitoring and communicate its technical and economic impact to all levels of the organization. Statistics from an unlimited number of Condmaster databases can be exported and imported – such as from other divisions, production units, plants, or an entire group – for easy comparison of data. Using an API, Plant Performer statistics can be exported also to other systems.

Condmaster contains the expert knowledge needed to evaluate machine condition: a complete bearing catalog, lubricant data, bearing life calculation, SPM evaluation rules, ISO limit values, mathematical models for spectrum analysis and fault symptom detection, and much more. It has network capability, data import and export functions, and full system security with different access levels. You can administrate all maintenance activities, set up time schedules and measuring routes, input work descriptions, and generate machine fault statistics.

The software is module built and can be tailored, in performance and price, to your selected hardware and technical requirements. Learn more about the powerful features in Condmaster Ruby here.

Graphical overview Pictures with Color Zones (in green, yellow or red depending on current status) on several levels in the Graphical Overview ranging from plant overview level (top left) down to measuring point level (bottom right).

Condmaster Ruby 2020 is available for floating licensing. It runs under Windows 7 (32/64-bit) or later. The software communicates and stores data on Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or later (requires at least Windows 8) and is delivered with MSSQL 2019 Express Edition on the installation media.