Bearing damages on press roll

Bearing damages on press roll. Photo: Vrancart S.A.

At Romanian paper mill Vrancart S.A., the online system Intellinova Compact with HD condition monitoring technology is installed to monitor the press section of paper machine K25. This case study involves the detection of bearing damage on one of the press rolls, showing the development of the damage over a period of about six weeks.

The subject of the case study is a bearing on a lower roll on the drive side, the rotating speed of which varies between 80 and 110 rpm. This large and very expensive bearing works under high load and continuous monitoring, therefore, is essential.

Vrancart S.A. is currently investing in upgrades of the K25 paper machine, aiming to increase its working speed. Root cause analysis indicates that the bearing damage most likely occurred due to an extra high load on the press section.

The HD measurement technologies provided early enough warning to carry out a planned bearing replacement, which saved the customer at least 10,000 Euro.